"Valdorfo" Recipes

Valdorfo Didmenos, UAB

Valdorfo Didmenos, UAB is a company producing sauces, condiment, and instant foods. Established in 1999, a small company developed into a well functioning and experienced enterprise. Currently, Valdorfo Didmenos, UAB employs over 50 energetic and qualified employees and the facilities are among the most modern in the Baltic States.

The company specialized in the following groups of products: ketchup and tomato sauce, sauces (salad dressing, mustard, ajika, etc.) mayonnaise, instant foods, and universal seasoning. Although Valdorfo Didmenos, UAB is mainly the producer of ketchup and tomato sauce, the company also produces kissel, jelly, and other products. The company produces over 150 products with different names.

Valdorfo Didmenos, UAB is a rapidly developing company that seeks to ensure the best performance, high quality of products, and harmonious mutual relations among the employees.

Valdorfo Didmenos, UAB has been producing high-quality and affordable products with individual brands (private label production) for over 12 years. We can guarantee the following to our partners: products of high quality, best price, delivery of goods at agreed time, qualified consulting, and exclusive attention to customer's needs.